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Little Classics News: 13 February 2014

Toyota Revive Classic Prototype

Toyota Revive Classic PrototypeWe're a big fan of any car company preserving its automotive history, especially when that history includes classic vehicles from well over 40 years ago.

Well, the classic Toyota Coaster above may look like the minibus that was first introduced back in 1969, but in fact it the paint is barely dry.

A team of Toyota technicians scoured old storehouses and even scavenged scrap parts from around Japan to build this classic bus. Rusted panels were polished up and damaged parts were reproduced from original drawings to re-make this Coaster prototype.

Why so much love and care over an old bus?

Like the Corolla, Land Cruiser and Hilux, the Coaster is a mainstay of Toyota’s global success; an important part of the company’s heritage. So to rebuild this classic vehicle prototype revives and preserves an important part of automotive history.

The modern version of the Coaster bus can be seen today all round the world, from Hong Kong and China to Bolivia and Panama, but the one in this picture is unique, new and old at the same time.


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