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Little Classics Feature: 8 November 2013

10 Petrolhead Christmas Ideas

There once was a time when Christmas started in December. However, this is many moons ago and we’re now well acclimatised to pictures of Santa at the end of summer trying to flog us whatever is this year’s most popular tat.

For the car enthusiast there is a plethora of rubbish from high-street shops and a never ending array of branded T-shirts and signs. But we thought you might fancy something different.

So, to guide you during this painful, sorry, magical time, we have put together ten of our favourite ideas for your petrolheaded loved ones.

A piece of history

Brooklands BankingSquare Yard of Brooklands Banking
From £95 to £150

Available from:

What better present than a piece of world-famous automotive history? Back in 2010 the Brooklands Museum launched a brilliant initiative to raise much needed funds to secure the future of the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit, dating back to 1907.

Under the scheme, custody (well, sponsorship really) of square-yard sections of the remaining ‘wall of speed’ are granted to individuals with their name listed against that square. A great gift that supports our automotive history.

Look at my classic

Heritage CertificatePremium Heritage Certificate
Price: £52
Available from Heritage Motor Centre:

The Heritage Motor Centre offer proud classic car owners an official Heritage Certificate, which is a certified copy of the entry against the body number in the authentic factory ledgers. However, they have now upped the game, letting you include a picture of the much-loved car on the certificate with very little fuss. Of course, not all cars are covered and those that are vary with regards to the amount of original information recorded. For many British classics, this will be a perfect gift.

It’s not just snow leopards...

Sponsor a vehicleSponsor a Vehicle at the National Motor Museum
From £250
Available from:

It’s like sponsoring an endangered jungle creature, but you can actually go and visit it… and tell it you love it… and stroke it… actually don’t stroke it, you’re not supposed to touch exhibits – and you’ll look mental!

Anyone can sponsor vehicles in the Museum owned by the National Motor Museum Trust, which not only helps to support this important museum, but also displays the sponsor’s name with the vehicle. You will also get a pair of tickets to Beaulieu and a Certificate of Thanks signed by Lord Montagu. For those with deeper pockets, packages also come in £500 and £1,000 flavours, which include some extra VIP loveliness.

Like MGs? Like telling the time?

Abingdon MG WatchAbingdon MG Watch
Price: £1,405
Available from:

The ultimate timepiece for MG fans, this distinctive watch was created in memory of the famous factory in which the MG vehicles were built from 1929 until 1980.

The distinctive styling takes its inspiration from the design of the MG TD grill, making it a true MG fan must have.

They turn the milk engine-y

Piston BowlPiston Bowls
Price: £19.99
Available from:

Nothing says “I love engines” quite as much as eating your Coco Pops out of a bowl shaped like a piston. They also say “I live alone and eat children’s cereal”, but we don’t care. They’re cool. End of discussion.

Old stuff, new purpose

Oil Can LampOil Can Light
Price: £458.55
Available from: www.vintage60.comting

I know what you’re thinking. That’s a lot of money for an old can with a plug, but take a second look. These are precisely and rather beautifully hand-crafted works of art that your friends won’t have.

They’re quirky, cool and technically it’s good for the environment because it’s recycling. Do your bit for the planet!

The coolest RC around

RC VW CamperRadio controlled VW Campervan
Price: £24.99
Available from:

They don’t come much cooler than the original split-screen VW camper – and now you can get it as a super-cool radio controlled car… eer Van.

What better way to get through the Christmas afternoon hangover than driving a VW Camper around your lounge floor, forgetting all your worries and huge debt that you’ve just racked up.

Half past 60mph!

Austin Healey Speedo ClockAustin Healey Monte Carlo Speedo Wall Clock
Price: £32
Available from:

Based on the classic Austin Healey 3000 MkII speedo from the classic Monte Carlo Rally, this 24cm x 24cm wall clock is pure cool.

We’re not entirely sure what the fuel and oil pressure gauges tell you about the time, but if they suddenly shoot up, it’s probably best to leave the room.

Righty tighty, lefty… eer Leerdammer

Spanner Cheese KnifeSpanner Cheese & Butter Knife
Price: £34.95
Available from:

You know how it is; you’re having a dinner party and all is going well. Then you get to the cheese course and suddenly your guest starts to wobble on his chair. But this isn’t too much wine, but a loose nut in the chair - and you have no spanners in the house. This is a common problem that leaves many dinner parties ruined by wobbly guests. Luckily someone has spotted this problem and expertly resolved it with pure elegance. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the spanner cheese knife.

The name's Bond… and so on

Bond ScalextricScalextric James Bond 007 Skyfall Set
Price: £124.99
Available from:

Right, Scalextric is not just for kids, it’s for big kids too (also known as men), so this is fine. Not only can you play with Scalextric, but you can also pretend to be bond in the famous Aston Martin DB5, whilst being chanced by a Range Rover. Coooool!


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