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Little Classics News: 25 March 2014

Credit Suisse Celebrates 10 Years of Its Classic Car Program

Credit Suisse Celebrates 10 Years of Its Classic Car ProgramThrough its unique Classic Car Program, Credit Suisse has engaged with the classic car and historic motor sport communities over the past decade with its classic car rallies, as well as by supporting some of the world’s leading historic motoring events, including the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and the Goodwood Revival, where Credit Suisse completely restored and officially reopened the motor circuit’s iconic Race Control building last September.

Building on this great success, Credit Suisse has an exciting schedule of events and activities planned for classic car enthusiasts around the world for 2014.

Credit Suisse is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Classic Car Program internationally throughout 2014 by actively supporting and participating in some of the leading historic motoring events, including the 2014 Grand Prix de Monaco Historique (May 9-11), Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (August 17) and the Goodwood Revival (September 12-14).

The Credit Suisse Classic Car Program

Grand Prix de Monaco Historique As we all know owning, preserving and enjoying a classic car can be a very rewarding past-time. Experiencing classic cars within an international community of like-minded enthusiasts, often rubbing shoulders with the pioneers and idols of historic motor racing, takes this level of enjoyment to an even higher level, creating a genuine highlight for any classic car fan.

For the past ten years, the pioneering Credit Suisse Classic Car Program has successfully created a forum for this, and the ever-expanding network of classic car enthusiasts throughout the world is testimony to an extraordinary fan club created by Credit Suisse.

Introduced in 2004, the Credit Suisse Classic Car Program has proven to be immensely popular. Over the past decade, Credit Suisse has transformed customers and co-workers who share a passion for older cars into genuine enthusiasts. Its partnership of outstanding classic events, including its own rallies and its collection of historic vehicles, underline Credit Suisse’s commitment to the classic car scene.

The Credit Suisse Classic Car Collection

Pebble Beach Concours d’EleganceCredit Suisse’s involvement with and enthusiasm for the international classic car scene is illustrated by its own historic car collection. Credit Suisse has three Porsche 356s and an Austin-Healey Sprite, which it uses regularly in its Classic Car Rallies. Credit Suisse organizes one or two of them every year, inviting some 30 teams to carefully selected locations, like tricky mountain trails in the Swiss Alps, sun-soaked coastal roads on the Riviera, or narrow village lanes in southern provinces.


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