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Little Classics News: 28 July 2015

Classic Listers Show Racing Prowess at Silverstone

Lister Jaguar Knobbly

A range of classic Lister models took part in the Stirling Moss Trophy at Silverstone Classic over the weekend, crossing the finish line second and third in a competitive field of pre-’61 sports racing cars.

The Lister Jaguar Knobbly ‘5’ had looked a certain winner as the race began to unfold, with a brilliant start taking it from sixth to first on the opening lap. For the next five laps Listers diced for the first three positions, with the Knobbly ‘8’ and Lister Costin Jaguar ‘16’ chasing down the leader.

Lister Knobbly at Silverstone Classic 2015

The Ferrari 246S ‘46’ was battling hard, making its way through the grid and dicing with the Listers every step of the way. Eventually it was sitting second just behind the Lister Jaguar Knobbly ‘5’ and finally jumped in to the lead during the pitstop window.

But the Listers continued to chase for the win, with Knobbly ‘5’ determined not to let the Ferrari get away, sliding through the corners as it chased down the leader. In the end, the Ferrari had too much of a lead to make up, finishing just ahead of Lister Jaguar Knobbly ‘5’ and Lister Costin Jaguar ‘8’.

Lister at Silverstone Classic 2015

The impressive results for Lister don’t stop at the two podium finishes, with another two cars in the top ten of this 38-car race. The Lister Costin Jaguar ‘16’ finished in fifth place, while the Lister Knobbly ‘13’ finished in seventh.

Lister Motor Cars chairman Lawrence Whittaker said: “The Stirling Moss Trophy at this year’s Silverstone Classic was a great example of just how spectacular historic racing can be. Our cars battled hard throughout, taking two places on the podium in a really competitive race.

“The Lister Knobbly in particular proved once again what an excellent racing car it is, which certainly helps to explain the fantastic reaction we’ve had to our fully sold-out continuation Knobblys.”


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