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Little Classics News: 5 July 2014

Brooklands Museum Racing Team to Run at LeMans Classic

Brooklands Museum Racing Team to Run at LeMans Classic

Two of the most famous names in motoring history are being brought together again in a venture that will evoke the heyday of the Brooklands Motor Course in Surrey - the birthplace of British Motorsport and Aviation.

Generously aided by John Ruston, Nick Pellett and Gareth Burnett of Pace Products and Race Preparation, the Museum has recreated the great Fox and Nicholl “works” racing team of Talbot 105 cars that recorded significant success in various races during the 1930s, especially at Brooklands and LeMans.

Running original cars in their characteristic two tone green livery, the Brooklands Museum Racing Team will attempt to drive for victory in the pre-war class at this year’s Le Mans Classic to be held over 24 hours on the weekend of 5th and 6th of July, 2014. Victory was very nearly theirs when they first embarked on this venture in 2012, but a failed radiator cap on the leading car AYL 2 cost valuable time in the pits, meaning the team had to be satisfied with the third place scored by another of its cars.

Piloted by prominent drivers on the historic scene such as Julian Bronson, Gareth Burnett and Nick Pellett, these remarkably quick cars will aim for outright victory in the pre-war “Plateau” (class) and to dominate that group with characteristic Talbot consistency and reliability.

Brooklands Museum Racing Team to Run at LeMans Classic

The Team Cars

GO 52: Driven in period by John Cobb, Tim Rose Richards, Brian Lewis, John Hindmarsh; most famous victory – 1st on the road and in class in the 1931 Double Twelve (Rose Richards & Cobb). Owned by John Ruston.

GO 54: Driven in period by John Cobb, most often used as team practice car; most famous victory – 1st unsupercharged car and 3rd overall at 1932 Le Mans 24 hours (Lewis/Rose Richards). Owned by Nick Pellett.

BGH 21: 1934 Alpine Trial car; raced at Brooklands in 1934 by Elsie “Bill” Wisdom. Owned by John Ruston.

AYL 2: Fresh from winning the inaugural three-day Alpine Trial earlier in June this year, this car, built for Dr Roth as a “semi-works” car for Brooklands racing, was later converted into a single-seater. Owned by John Ruston.

Museum Director, Allan Winn says: “This is a dream come true for us. We have been able to recreate one of the great pre-war racing teams, using cars which had a major impact on the international racing scene both here at Brooklands and at LeMans throughout the 1930s. In linking the two circuits together in this historic way, we believe both will gain huge publicity.

The owners and drivers of these true thoroughbreds have really entered into the spirit of this “pre-war raid” on Le Mans and we are enormously grateful to them for supporting us so generously”


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