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Stanley Motor Carriage


Club Type: Reference website
Focus: Stanley Steam cars in general, 1918 Model 735 7-passenger touring car in particular

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Knowledge and advice, as well as parts and restoration information relating to Stanley steam cars is available from quite a number of individuals in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

Our webiste is the first of its kind, where an extensive array of technical information and photography, supported by drawings and figures, has been brought together for the purpose of explaining, informing, and educating the interested visitor about a Stanley steamer.

The website includes several key areas of use: The Frequently Asked Questions section includes the ten most-asked questions about a Stanley along with the reproduction of two Stanley Motor Carriage Company brochures that answer many questions about the cars. The Care and Operating Instructions section is a reproduction of the manual provided to a Stanley Model 735 owner upon purchase of a Stanley.

A highly technical section describes the parts and pieces of a condensing Stanley Motor Carriage and how they all function together - If you're really interested in how a Stanley operates then this section is highly recommended. Finally a sections describes the steps taken to restore a Stanley steamer.


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